Brian Hockenmaier

This is what I look like

Brian Hockenmaier is an engineer, product leader, and tech enthusiast. His experience includes virtual and augmented reality development, analytics, game development, cloud-native web development, and natural language processing.

He currently leads IP Rights Engineering at NCBUniversal and runs Together Again Studios, a VR/AR studio.

Welcome! This site is a portfolio of most of the work I own, and a few select projects I can share from my past roles in the enterprise.

I've learned that demonstrated skills are far more important than credentials in my personal development and hiring, so this website is focused on real products and teams I've built and led.

Other Links:
Most of my development projects are stored on public or private repos on my github
I post mostly about my VR work on my twitter
A collection of physical projects and 3D designs can be found on my thingiverse
And my professional persona can be found on my linkedin